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The Clockwork Man Review

The Clockwork Man 9

By the 19th century steam power was well underway and may have been the stimulus for the Industrial Revolution. This is the setting for Mac hidden object game The Clockwork Man. The story begins with Miranda Calomy, a very talented engineering student, who is enlistedThe Clockwork Man by her grandfather to deliver needed parts for a special invention. Miranda boards the first available airship to New Coventry, SA with the supplies for her grandfather The Clockwork Man 7Cornelius.

The scrolling and zooming hidden object play begins in Miranda’s home searching for the letter from her grandfather. You need to click on the items listed including the lost letter. Poor Miranda is great with mechanical works, but she is not a tidy housekeeper. The cursor will The Clockwork Man 3change to a hand when you go over an item that needs further investigation. You will need to find a crowbar in order to open a drawer. Also zoom to the loft to find more objects. Once on the airship there is a problem and Miranda needs to assist the mechanic. The hidden object play here will scroll to the right and left of the screen. Any help you need comes from Sprocket, a mechanical robot, whose talents keep increasing as you progress in the game.

In addition to the hundreds of objects you must find, there are crystals you need to click on when spotted. Also there are side puzzles likeThe Clockwork Man 10 deciphering the code for a locked box and more.

The Clockwork Man is a hidden object game with a story that at times is drawn out and extensive, but if that’s your thing, this play will entertain you. The artwork is detailed and quite good, but the music, although appropriate for the time period, is dreary and not conducive to a relaxed play. I don’t really get into the scroll and zoom plays so I give this game a 3 out of 5 for its good hidden object scenes.

Features of The Clockwork Man:
-Scroll and Zoom Gameplay
-Steam Power and Strange Science

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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