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Smashing Tennis

We're pleased to announce the release of's first game, a new tennis game for Mac called, Smashing Tennis.
grass court smashing tennis apple mac game
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With a noticeable void of tennis games for Macs, particularly games with a specific level of technical depth that I would want from a tennis game, we embarked on creating one that stands out. Smashing Tennis takes inspiration from arcade games, but also focuses on the real sport and game of tennis, and so, will appeal to mac gamers, novices as well as experts, who've been looking for a straight-up game of tennis, tournaments and all. From the comfort of your Macintosh desktop, you can become the next Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Serena Williams for that matter. Yes, aim to be the best tennis player ever without getting tennis elbow!

dive smashing tennis apple mac sports gameSmashing Tennis was made with the intent of mimicking real-life movement, at least, as best as it could be done in a 2D environment. In other words, the player, after some bit of practice, will be capable of hitting, serving, smashing and dinking the ball where ever he/she wants, thanks to the formulas dedicated to realistic physics. Players will also be able to dive if they hit the ball while being slightly away from it. The game experience will be accentuated by authentic ball flight and trajectory, as well as by life-like sounds and effects, which are recordings of actual tennis matches. Smashing Tennis also gives you the option to select the difficulty mode from easy to hard, so if you'd like to jump right in and lose match after match against the computer you're very welcome to do so. Of course, you don't want do that! Pick the level of difficulty that works best for you so you will actually enjoy the game.

Kids and adults with less than polished gaming skills are recommended to begin in Easy Mode (press F6). This is where players use the right and left cursors only and spacebar to throw serves and hit the ball. The on-screen tennis player moves vertically on its own during Easy Mode. Experts and those looking for a bit of a challenge, however, can choose the Advanced Mode (press F7) where they control multi-directional mobility of the player using all cursor keys, and spacebar to throw serves and to hit the ball. (Note: Laptop users must press the function key and the F key.) A combination of crucial moves will help aim the ball precisely. We promise you, once you master the moves using the controls (see chart below/click to enlarge), you will really get into Smashing Tennis.
controls keys smashing help tennis apple mac sports game

Another fundamental tip to get into the game is to select your abilities carefully. Choose your own level of skills by adjusting the amounts of speed, precision and strength you will have. Then, adjust the skills for your opponent. This latter option will give you the immense satisfaction of depriving your opponent of player's skills. Hee! Of course, you will need to adjust everyone's skills at some point. skills selection smashing tennis apple mac sports game You will eventually realize that you need to find the right balance of chosen levels of skills for both you and the other player, so it's fairly necessary to play around with these, in order to have the most optimal tennis game experience as possible.

In the Options Menu, Smashing Tennis offers you the opportunity to choose the type of court surface you will be playing on: Grass, Hard (blue) or Clay courts. As in the real-life game of tennis, each type of tennis court surface comes with its own characteristics, which can truly affect the playing style and feel of your game. This is also the case in Smashing Tennis and the interaction mechanics are built into the game to reflect realistic performance and reaction. tennis court surfaces clay grass blue decoturf hard smashing tennis apple mac sports gameEach surface's behavior closely resembles those of true tennis court surfaces. For example, in Smashing Tennis and the oldest Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon, the grass courts are fast with a slide and quick low ball bounce, so they tend to favor serve and volley players. Hard courts, much like the ones featured at the U.S. Open, have a medium speed surface performance. Here, fast and hard hitting players have a slight advantage, so a player might be inclined to give himself a little more strength and speed than usual when selecting skills. Clay courts, just like the courts of Roland Garros, being slower than grass and hard decoturf courts, tend to slow down the speed of the ball but because of the friction of the clay surface pushing against the ball's horizontal flight, the ball has a higher bounce. This also means that its forward velocity is reduced more than it will be on grass and hard courts, so any kind of power game will be drastically reduced. This is where your drop shot will come in handy.

Getting Started
main menu smashing tennis apple mac sports gameIt's absolutely essential to begin your Smashing Tennis adventure in Training Mode. (First choose your court surface in Options, and remember to click on "Player 1" to type in your name, then choose your character's image). Training Mode is the ideal place to experiment with the skill levels, which help you gain expertise and experience and become familiar with the game. Take time to practice accurately placing the ball where you want it to go, an important feature in Smashing Tennis. Your parents were right when they said "practice makes perfect." Sorry to remind you. It will become a mantra in your Smashing Tennis life, while you strive to become the next Number One. Use your tennis instincts to anticipate where your opponent will place the ball, and determine the best place for your return. Try out a variety of shots using different amounts of strength. How about mastering power shots or lobs? How's your drop shot? Think about keeping your opponent busy. Lastly, remember to discover how the three types of court surfaces will play out with certain shots.

Once you have adequately sparred with the best players in Training Mode, dive into the Tournament Challenge (This is only available in the Full Version. Click here to order the full version now). When in competition in the Tournament Mode, you'll need to be on your toes so bring the skills and confidence you acquired in Training Mode to the Tournament. Your hard work and practice will not go unnoticed. tennis tournament mode smashing tennis apple mac sports gameHowever, as you advance and improve in the tournament, so too, will the levels of proficiency and sportsmanship of your opponents. Players will become better and better, but don't let that worry you. You will be improving, too. You practiced until perfect, right? Don't forget your mantra! As you continue, try to work your way up to the top to become the Champ of Smashing Tennis. You want that cup don't you? Just do it.

You can play Smashing Tennis in Single Player mode against the Mac computer, but kick the competition up a notch and invite friends and family over to enjoy the lively 2-Player Mode. This gives you a good reason to spend some quality time with them, all the while enjoying a gripping game or tournament. In 2-Player Mode, you play against your opponent on the same computer. Player 1 will use the cursor keys to maneuver around the court and the right control key to throw serves and hit, while Player 2 uses the S key (left), F key (right), E or R keys (up) X or C (down). Left control throws serves and hits the ball for Player 2. Remember to take advantage of all the shots possible using combination key controls. (See Help chart above)

tennis court blue decoturf hard smashing tennis apple mac sports gameSmashing Tennis was designed with the avid tennis fan in mind, the player who wants a challenging and inviting competition set in a mac game world showcasing the realism of the actual sport of tennis. As you become more familiar with Smashing Tennis and begin to master your shots, understand your opponents and anticipate how the ball will respond to each court surface, you should be good to go...and if you persevere you WILL see victory...and that will feel very, very good.


  1. Family Friendly, A Game for Both Adults and Kids
  2. 1 and 2 Player Modes
  3. Easy and Hard Difficulty Options
  4. Adjustable Skill Levels
  5. Training Mode
  6. Tournament Mode (Full version only)
  7. 3 Court Surfaces: Clay, Hard (Decoturf Blue) and Grass
  8. Realistic Physics
  9. Blinking shadow shows where the ball will land and/or if it will be out of bounds.
  10. Games are automatically saved.
  11. An Easter Egg!

Requirements: 10.4+, 3D Video card, open gl

Order Smashing Tennis NowDownload the free demo version of  Smashing Tennis now
Now, all that said, and with this being a game review website, we do expect someone here at to provide a full review of Smashing Tennis. While Smashing Tennis does have its obvious shortcomings, which will likely be touched upon in any review, we do have hopes that the reviewer will emphasize its strengths. In any case, rest assured that the review of Smashing Tennis, like all reviews here, will be genuine and impartial.

We hope you will enjoy Smashing Tennis as much as we enjoyed making it.

Lastly, do feel free to make helpful suggestions to improve Smashing Tennis, by commenting below. Thank you.

The press release for Smashing Tennis can be found here: Smashing Tennis.

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  1. I would be really nice to add gamepad support. Is it planned? Because playing such kind of game with keyboard is not very exciting.

  2. Spectacularly bad. As in, really really horrible animation and models. This looks like a webgame.

  3. PC version please commander.

  4. Could be very enjoyable, but the reason I would not buy this game is lack of gamepad compatibility. Tennis games (and most other classic arcade style games) simply don’t work on a keyboard. Ever tried Super Mario Brothers on a keyboard? Terrible…

    Aside from that, some constructive feedback…

    1) Could be a truly great game with gamepad compatibility.
    2) I really don’t like at all that you can set your skill level to whatever you want. Whatever happened to earning additional skills and building a character?
    3) This game would be excellent with a career mode in which players are ranked and rankings change based on tournament placings. Players should have an age (start your career at 18 and retire at 34…), and rise and fall in rank and abilities as the career mode progresses. I know this is just a simple tennis game, but it could become a wonderful franchise. How long have we waited for a simple, yet detail-oriented tennis game?
    4) Tournaments should be highly customizable with the option of formatting them similar to real tennis tournaments.

    Can’t wait for “Smashing Tennis 2″ where all the above suggestions are incorporated =) I would definitely buy that, even at a high price.

  5. One last comment. I love the fact that real name of tennis players are NOT used. Do I really want to buy Virtua Tennis 3 and be stuck forever in 2006? Not at all. I would, however, like to see a wider range of ethinicities used and randomly generated names from those countries, including last names. It would be so awesome to have a career mode, where rankings change and players come and go.

  6. game pad compatibility MIGHT be incorporated in the future if time allows for it! in the meantime, you might want to use gamepad companion. i think that works well.

    hey, what’s wrong with looking like a web game?!

    thanks for the helpful comments. (for those who made helpful comments)

  7. Will this game work on my wife’s 700mb eMac?

  8. i’m pretty sure it will work on your wife’s emac but just download the demo and try it first. you’ll find out! :D

  9. kurt, a pc version IS envisioned! stay tuned.

  10. Ridley: Asking $10 for it.

  11. Generally a fun game. Bought the full version and major disappointment with switching sides in match play. Is there a way to turn this off? It’s not natural to play tennis staring at yourself and having to do opposite actions with the controls.

  12. thanks less_slaw. yes, we will try to add that to our list for future updates.

  13. I registered the game but yet not receive unlock code.Searching spam filter ,i have found nothing.Please I need your order is MID110408-8249-55111.

  14. hello jucelino, i will send you information via email soon with your code. thanks for purchasing smashing tennis!

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