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Perfect Tree Review

Mac game Perfect Tree is a perfect game for the holiday season or any season for that matter for match 3 players. It has it all. 110 levels of amazing match 3 fun decorating the perfect tree, beautiful backgrounds and Christmasy music to entertain you in a happy and relaxing game for everyone.

For the match 3 levels you match the Santa hats, candy canes, chocolate cake, snowflakes, bells, snowmen and more holiday items to clear the board of the violet tiles. Match 3 or more of the same items to turn all the violet tiles to blue and the level will be complete. There will be chains, double chains, gold and other obstacles to hinder your match making skills, but there will also be dynamite, bombs and snow swirls to counteract those barriers and continue your fun. As the levels go higher the blocks will be bigger, however so will your helps.

Making matches will earn you stars and the stars will purchase the decorations for your perfect tree in the forest. If you have enough stars you can purchase bulbs, candy canes, bells, stars, garlands and presents. However, they will cost you a lot of stars so you must keep playing a lot to earn enough for the decorations. Luckily the play is very addictive with its smooth mechanics and pleasant music. You can even keep making matches while the board is still clearing tokens from your last match. For me that’s the most important match 3 feature.

The game has 2 modes for you to choose from: Timed and Relaxed. Having the 2 modes will open up the game to less experienced players and kids.

All of these features are a big plus for Perfect Tree; the ease of play, the gorgeous sceneries, Christmas like music, and the fun decorating the lone tree in the forest play. The only minus may be that one item you are having difficulties clearing in a match. You know the one thing stuck in a corner where 3 sides are surrounded and you can’t get to it to make a match. It would have been nice to have a power-up to get rid of that one item with a hammer. However, the play is so enjoyable, that doesn’t matter. Maybe on the sequel they can add that feature. Don’t wait for the holidays to play this entertaining game and have fun making matches and decorating a tree any time of the year.

Features of Perfect Tree:
-110 Levels of Fun Match 3s
-Power-ups and Bonuses
-Decorate the Tree with Ornaments

Rating: ★★★½☆

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