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Love and Order Review

In a district in Montreal, Canada, Dana Larose is eking out a living working for a Crown Attorney’s office as a hardworking secretary. Mac rpg/sim game Love and Order will take you along with Dana and her life as a single girl making a living working in a busy office while trying to have a fun love life after hours. Whatever happens, you will experience the tense and hectic atmosphere of an important business of a law office and the affairs of an unmarried woman in a metropolitan setting.

Dana’s story begins on Monday, Day 1, early morning. She is trained and thrown into the workforce by Ross Kim her supervisor. He instructs her to prioritize and organize her administrative tasks, and work with the third year law student and the attorneys. Each one of these people, including Ross, has a project for Dana to do. She is to introduce herself to the others in the office and familiarize herself to the lay of the land. You click on the move button to display a simple office layout. By clicking on the individual rooms, you can travel to these offices. There will be a list of options you can choose from on the right side. Sometimes there will only be a move button if there is no one in the room or nothing to do in that location. Also on the upper right are the moods of your co-workers, your own stress level, clues and a list of your projects. When you click on the projects button you will see the long list of things you must do. If you fail to do any one of the listed tasks, it will be printed in red and the person requesting that item will not be happy.

In order to keep your stress level in check, you must remember to go to lunch where you will have a few options from the cafeteria in the building to a fancy restaurant. However, your options may be limited since you start off with only $100 and earn very little at your new office after taxes and essentials. After work hours you can go out and enjoy yourself or go home and watch your favorite TV show. You can also ask people out but be careful because if they are not happy with your work, they will not be happy about going out with you.
Balancing work and your personal life is no easy matter, and Love and Order throws the worst and best of what life has to offer, and it is your job to walk this fine line. On top of your balancing act there is a mystery about the attorney who used to work at the office. He left a case file that you may need to investigate and get more information. By the way, he died.

There’s a lot of reading (no voice acting) to do but it does give you the information you will need to make your decisions, and if you are a slow reader, you can click at your speed; no problem. Each day goes by so fast you have to keep an eye on the time of day because if you miss lunch (I did many times), your stress level rises. It would have been more helpful with a clock or gauge instead of suddenly realizing you missed your lunch hour. The nighttime is easier because everyone leaves the office and the lighting is darker. The anime characters are all cute and well done. I guess they are all young so they can date each other, but there should have been an older person for realism. This rpg when it gets going feels like a sim time management play with the same intense feeling you get from being overwhelmed with a lot to do. The more you get into the game, the more addictive it will become. The many options will take you on different paths to different endings. Also if you are not Canadian, some of the terminology is different from the US. Fortunately, I have an in house lawyer to explain a few things like Crown Attorney (a district prosecuting attorney), and articling is an internship for law students in training. Having worked in a busy office, I can say that Love and Order gets it right about the stress level in the work place. So if you are a rpg or sim player or new to the game, give it a shot and maybe you’ll find love in the work place, eh?

Features of Love and Order:
-Work in a Law Office
-Uncover the Mystery
-Date your Co-workers

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Rating: ★★★½☆

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