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Date Warp Review

Mac visual novel Date Warp has many surprises in this fantasy, romantic story. You are in control of the direction of the tale but must connect the wires to illuminate the light bulb to make your decision. Which path will you take?

The story begins with Janet Bhaskar as the main character. She is a naïve freshman at Brooke College in Memphis. She is a vegetarian and a bookworm. She agrees to a blind date her friend Vanessa has set up for her. The date with Bradley Dalton goes from bad to worse when his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere in the throes of a drenching rain storm. The couple comes upon a mansion with all the lights on in the place. Lucky for them someone is home and willing to help, but unlucky for them the telephone is dead.

That begins your journey into the unknown when in the morning Janet and Bradley are blocked from leaving the house. I won’t give out more information since it will spoil the novel for you. However, I will say there are 4 other guys in the mansion that will be interacting with Janet. Each character has a different type of personality from friendly to suspicious. When there is a decision to be made, you will have to play a wire connecting game. You click on each box to turn the wires around. When you have made an electrical connection to the light bulb, it will light up and let you click on the response. Each response will take you on a certain direction in the story’s ending. A relationship gauge will pop up showing you how a person feels about Janet from hate to love and 5 feelings in between. These feelings will determine which ending you will steer towards. There are 11 endings to this tale and you can play all of them to see what happens.

The good thing about replaying the story is that you can fast forward many areas by clicking on the FF to the side of the screen. You can also skip the wire connecting game if you already made your decision.

Interactive stories are not really my thing but this one has great anime artwork even though I think the guys should get updated hairdos, even Justin Bieber cut his hair. More than one person looked like a woman in this story. If you weren’t told the approximate ages of everyone, they all looked the same age except for Janet. She looked like a 10 year old. The story and music are melodramatic as it should be for a tale like this. It’s interesting but the wire connecting game got very tiring after a while. Personally I rather be shooting aliens like in Planet Stronghold than connecting wires, but that’s a matter of preference. This game may not be for everyone due to its harsh language and some sexual undertones. I give this novel a 3.5 for a strong story and awesome anime artwork.

Features of Date Warp:
-Interactive Story
-Mini Game
-11 Different Endings

Rating: ★★★½☆

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