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Universal Boxing Manager Review

Universal Boxing Manager
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If you could train the next heavy weight champ of the world, how would you do it? In Universal Boxing Manager, take control of one upcoming boxing star, or multiple boxing prodigies and make stars out of them. Train, schedule fights, and purchase whatever you need in order to make the best boxers in the league. As manager, you make the money and dish it out as you please. But remember keep your fighters happy and healthy or you are going nowhere in the boxing world.

Universal Boxing Manager has all the aspects of a boxing manager both financially and emotionally but are nothing compared to the rush felt when you get to watch a boxing match. You can tell your boxer before the fight to fight a certain style, such as offensive or defensive, but then all you can do is watch. The watching is the best part of the game. Your boxer fights and takes hits like a RPG game with points flying off of health or energy, and it’s kind of exciting. Seeing an overhead view the fight and guys throwing punches left and right is cool and I enjoy this game each time I played it. The stats are just extra pluses to show you how your boxer won or went down.

I would give Universal Boxing Manager a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Managing the next Muhammad Ali is down right exciting.

Rating: ★★★★½