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Spooky Runes Review

Halloween is drawing nigh and you must prepare for the festive and sometimes scary holiday by decorating your home in spider webs, mice, bats, pumpkins, black cats and more. Oh, my! Prepare the steamy brew of red unknown liquid and buy a lot of candy so the tricksters do not prank you. Get the perfect costume to scare your friends, family and neighbors to party away the dark and gloomy night lit only by glowing and flickering lights from carved pumpkins.

Spooky Runes is a fun Mac match 3 game that will get you into the right mood for this particular time of the year when mischief is in the air. Magically group of runes will appear for you to rotate and maneuver into place to line up the same color tiles 3 or more in a row either horizontally or vertically on the game board before it’s too late. Don’t let the runes ruin your play by landing them in the wrong place. Play this mystical game in either Timed or Relaxed mode depending upon your frame of mind at any time of day or night. Some of the runes are corrupted and you must make matches with them to release the spells.

The Amulet of Spells will take each distinct spell in Rune Magic by making matches with red runes will produce the Fire Spell. The Vanish Spell will take out a few of the runes on the board. To win the level you will need to clear the game board. There are 100 levels to challenge you and the levels will get harder as you go up. If you are a veteran gamer, you will definitely want to play this game in the Timed mode to make your game a little more difficult. If you are new to the game or just want to relax and have fun, play the Relaxed mode.

Spooky Runes is a solid game with beautiful artwork and colors. The sound effects bring the Halloween atmosphere and feelings of that time of year to the play and helps get you into the mood. If you enjoyed Runes of Avalon 2, you will enjoy Spooky Runes. So fill the magical orbs and get rid of the witches, ghouls, bats, black cats, ghosts and keep stirring your wicked brew for all the kiddies who will be knocking on your door in their scary outfits.

Features of Spooky Runes:
-100 Scary Levels
-Amulet of Spells
-6 Magical Power Ups

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Totem Tribe Gold Review

Tetala Island is where Chief Aruku reigns over her Hawk tribe. For many years there have been struggles and challenges for her people. Aruku wants to better the conditions for her village. The ancients have all known about the Tear of Heaven that can grant unimaginable wisdom and enlightenment to whoever possess this talisman. With this magical power, Aruku can improve the outcome of her tribe but in order to do so she must search every island in the vicinity and complete missions to find it.

To begin your play use the tutorial which will guide you through some of the aspects of this sim/rpg/hidden object/strategy game. It’s hard to say what it is with so many options available. The important thing to remember is to read all the stone guides since these are your hints in the game. If you do not read one, it will be highlighted in yellow. Another big item in your search is the tower. Build them to defend your troops and to see further. The buildings are important to put up by clicking on the hammer at the lower right hand side to get different types of people needed in your quest. There are hidden objects and gems to find everywhere you go. You may need to revisit an island for things you may have passed by or were not available at the time. There are tasks you must perform like finding boulders and using them to make a bridge, and quests to conquer for different people you meet along the way.

Guro of Wolverine is one of them, and he resides on Mushroom Island. On this island are mushroom-like enemies you must fight off to complete a task. You will find many hostile enemies on different islands. The crossed swords at the bottom of the screen will activate your troops into fighting. The magnifying glass will help you find some hidden objects. Also sometimes these items will pulsate to help you locate them. Another huge help is the mini map. You can get to a site on the island quickly by clicking on the spot you would like to travel to. In addition, the bad guys are in red so you can spot them easily. The difficult part comes in when you cannot see parts of the screen because of a black fog. These areas open up as you go along collecting needed items and accomplishing certain tasks.

Totem Tribe Gold with its interesting graphics will draw you into its story while playing the game. The more you play it, the more you get involved in figuring out the quests and puzzles in order to help Aruku and the Hawk people. Instead of keeping your villagers healthy like in other games, you have a goal and objective to reach through the many tasks and puzzles that are waiting for you on each island. So heed Guru’s words and find your sacred totems to complete just one of your many quests.

Features of Totem Tribe Gold:
-32 Locations
-Over 200 Missions and Puzzles
-Hidden Objects

Rating: ★★★½☆


Jewel Quest II Review


Adventure, love, betrayal what more can you ask for in an exciting Mac game? In Jewel Quest II the saga continues in 1944 with Professor Rubert Pack. His heart is broken when Emma, his sweetheart, leaves him for the rich and dashing Sebastian Grenard. To forget his lost, he tries to enlist in the Navy but once again is rejected, this time because of his age. He signs up as engine staff on a cargo ship to southern Africa as his last ditch effort. He encounters adventure on the ship, safari, learns the history of Zimbabwe ruins, and comes across Victoria Falls.To move this story along,you must complete gem match levels within the time period and without losing your life.

The game starts with 5 lives, and when the time runs out, you lose 1 life and the level. Also you can lose a life if there are no more moves to be made. However 50,000 points will get you another life. To complete a level you must match 3 or more like icons or gems either horizontally or vertically by clicking or dragging one jewel to an adjacent square. These matched gems will disappear and the box will turn gold. Replacement jewels will fill from above filling the empty squares with more items. This part is similar to the first Jewel Quest.

Watch for the gold coins. If you are able to match 3 of these coins you are rewarded with a special move. Save these moves until you need them. Most of the special moves award you a free gold space, some uncover buried jewels and others will remove other items. To use it click on the special button located in the lower left side and then click on the space or jewels you wish to activate. There are only so many gold coins allowed on the game board so the extra ones will fall off the bottom of the field.

A new move is being able to move jewels into an empty space. This can help you strategically clear the game board. There appears to be more chain reactions that will give you higher points. If you complete the board before the time limit, you get bonus points based on how much time is left. Another new item, in addition to new gems and icons, is the buried jewel. It looks like a rock with some of the gem peeking through. To release the gem, you must make moves near the rock.

Jewel Quest II, like its predecessor Jewel Quest, has an extensive story line that can at times interfere with your game play. If you like this kind of interaction you’ll enjoy this game. I prefer to play the game more than read a story about a lovelorn old university professor. It was a little melodramatic, but if I remember correctly, so were the Indiana Jones movies that I enjoyed very much. I did like the challenging game play and the Victoria Falls background picture. The timed factor can get a little intense but is manageable. This is an enjoyable gem match game just like the first.

Features of Jewel Quest II:
-Story of Adventure, Love, Betrayal
-180 Puzzles and Boards
-9 new jewels and Power-Ups

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Rating: ★★★½☆


Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame Secrets of Paris Review

Paris has always been the wonderful city of lights but it’s also full of mysteries and intrigue. In Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame Secrets of Paris you will be searching and solving one of the many perplexing stories in this beautiful city full of sites to discover and reveal its dark tales.

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the first places you will want to go to as a tourist. This Mac game starts you at this iconic location where Bishop Martin is making his nightly rounds around the church. Lo and behold he finds that the Crown of Thorns the most venerated artifact in the church has been stolen from the cathedral treasury. You are the principal investigator called to solve the crime. You’ll face many hidden object games, puzzles and more in order to figure out what happened, where it occurred and other mysteries.

The hidden object games have the items listed at the bottom of the screen with the hint button to the right. The journal with information is on the left of the list. The HOGs are all in or around the cathedral. It will take you some searching to get into locked areas and you will need to go back and forth from one scene to another and back again. The scenes are all filled with junk spewed everywhere but not difficult to find. Notre Dame in particular is very messy and needs someone to clean up as soon as possible. Of course, the clutter is blamed on the tourists but geez, it’s really full of crazy stuff to bring to church.

There are many mini games and puzzles to play. Most are simple and not anything you have not come across before. However, it’s always one step away from the culprit. There will be cryptic notes found around the areas and inventory items to use on different puzzles and locks. The hints are good with a little recharging after you click on it. Also if you right click, you can get more information on things you need to interact with in that place. In addition the map is helpful to guide you to where you need to be.

This game does not produce anything new or different in their mystery and the HOGs are filled with unrelated objects scattered throughout. Some of the names for the items are a little unusual like hairpin for comb. There’s a lot of backtracking done in your search so if you don’t like doing a lot of moves back and forth to the same scenes with the same items, you might get a little bored with this game. The story takes an interesting turn in the middle but the game is on the short side. It’s kind of strange that your main witness, the bishop, will not come out of his room. The music is appropriately ominous and the artwork is good. The entryway to the church did look very much like the real thing. I remembered how small it was and full of wood paneling. However, when I was there, it was full of tourists. Even though you do not see much of Paris, you get an intense and unusual view of Notre Dame. So get moving and find the criminal who took the Crown of Thorns. I give this game 3 out of 5.

Features of Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame Secrets of Paris:
-Mystery of the Stolen Crown of Thorns
-Hidden Objects and Mini Games
-Original Tale

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Youda Marina Review

Youda Marina1

Youda Marina is a refreshing change from the usual real estate sim Mac play where you build homes, castles and business buildings in a town or borough.  In this imaginative game you create from a vacant, barren shoreline, island or lagoon to a well-developed corporate moneymaking ideal beachside town for fun and recreation.

In order to build and maintain a beach community you need to initially build a radio station to communicate with the many boats that will need to dock and enjoy the facilities of your town.  When a boat is in need of your services, they will radio you and a yellow triangle with aYouda Marina radio will appear.  You then click on the radio, a boat with a similar triangle and radio will appear, and you will need to click to see what they need.  Your options are to either dock or if there are no available spaces or the ship is too large, you may need to turn away the boat losing the income.  This will force you to build more docks and enlarge spaces.

Other income will come from the many facilities (gas, radio, etc.), land attractions (bar, restaurant, hotel) and event facilities (diving school, game fishing, water sports and sea park).  The infrastructure builds the docks, lighting and can also demolish sites.  Milestones in the upper left corner are the goals for the campaign mode you must meet to complete the level.  After reaching a milestone, you get a star rank at the bottom right of the screen.  The small map is useful to click on a location and going directly there.

While all the construction is happening, the boats continue to come in and you need to click to reveal docking options for them.  The play is busy but never frustrating even though there are a lot of work to be completed.  It’s interesting to see your beach town rise from sand and water to a thriving community.  I was raised near beach cities and saw a few marinas developed from nothing into large ports for boats and yachts of all sizes.  Before Marina del Rey, California became an upscale, trendy beach location, it was farmland and fishing creeks.  The idyllic country living is gone now and the busy congestion of city life took over, but the new development and progress helps bring revenue to the area. I enjoy playing Youda Marina with its change in scenery from building homes to erecting docks and prosperous fun beach communities. Navigate your boats to your safe and exciting harbor with its many attractions.

Features of Youda Marina:

-4 Maps


-Beautiful Designs

-Be the Harbor Master

Rating: ★★★½☆