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Youda Marina Review

Youda Marina1

Youda Marina is a refreshing change from the usual real estate sim Mac play where you build homes, castles and business buildings in a town or borough.  In this imaginative game you create from a vacant, barren shoreline, island or lagoon to a well-developed corporate moneymaking ideal beachside town for fun and recreation.

In order to build and maintain a beach community you need to initially build a radio station to communicate with the many boats that will need to dock and enjoy the facilities of your town.  When a boat is in need of your services, they will radio you and a yellow triangle with aYouda Marina radio will appear.  You then click on the radio, a boat with a similar triangle and radio will appear, and you will need to click to see what they need.  Your options are to either dock or if there are no available spaces or the ship is too large, you may need to turn away the boat losing the income.  This will force you to build more docks and enlarge spaces.

Other income will come from the many facilities (gas, radio, etc.), land attractions (bar, restaurant, hotel) and event facilities (diving school, game fishing, water sports and sea park).  The infrastructure builds the docks, lighting and can also demolish sites.  Milestones in the upper left corner are the goals for the campaign mode you must meet to complete the level.  After reaching a milestone, you get a star rank at the bottom right of the screen.  The small map is useful to click on a location and going directly there.

While all the construction is happening, the boats continue to come in and you need to click to reveal docking options for them.  The play is busy but never frustrating even though there are a lot of work to be completed.  It’s interesting to see your beach town rise from sand and water to a thriving community.  I was raised near beach cities and saw a few marinas developed from nothing into large ports for boats and yachts of all sizes.  Before Marina del Rey, California became an upscale, trendy beach location, it was farmland and fishing creeks.  The idyllic country living is gone now and the busy congestion of city life took over, but the new development and progress helps bring revenue to the area. I enjoy playing Youda Marina with its change in scenery from building homes to erecting docks and prosperous fun beach communities. Navigate your boats to your safe and exciting harbor with its many attractions.

Features of Youda Marina:

-4 Maps


-Beautiful Designs

-Be the Harbor Master

Rating: ★★★½☆


Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan Review

In this sequel Jenny and Robert are married and want to help you set up your own business as a wedding coordinator in New York City. They even have 2 clients already set up for you to choose from in Mac hidden object game Dream Day Wedding 2. What great friends you have!

You begin your play by selecting your first bride in this new chapter in your life. Each woman lives in opposite sections of Manhattan. One is in the Upper East Side and the other in Greenwich Village. After you select your bride, you go to shops located in and around each section. In each level you have 3 or 4 shops you will search for objects. You do not have to find all the items but you do need to find most. The scenes are beautifully done with many objects to find. In addition, you need to look for the bluebird of happiness to increase your hints. For every 5 birds you will get a hint. Some of the objects are so well hidden you will need the hints. In addition it is timed so you want to quickly find all your items, unless you are playing untimed. You will also be going to the bride’s apartment to find the to-do list so you know what to do for your client. Move your cursor around the room until you find the sparkling lights to further investigate your findings. Along the way you will be collecting inventory items to use later for tasks. Don’t forget to answer your cell phone to get a random item removed from your list. Don’t click on too many wrong items or you will get a minute removed from your time.

There are many mini games to play. When you go to the wedding registry, you’ll find 6 beautifully wrapped gifts and before you receive the gifts, you play a mini puzzle. One may be the Choc-O-Matic where you need to hook up all the pipes to get the machine working. Another game is the Party Puzzle where you must arrange the seating chart for the reception. You must match colors to complete the game. Play all 6 games and you unlock the honeymoon level. If you are not into a puzzle, you can click on solve to skip the play.

Also part of the play is the story line. You get to choose the narrative to this bride’s path to the wedding. Each choice will take the bride down different avenues in her life. Finish the story to unlock the Time Booster item. This item will be hidden in the next level, and when you find it, you will get 1 minute added.

For fans of the first Dream Day Wedding, you will enjoy playing the second even though it’s very similar. The play is a little repetitive because you return to the same shops and play the same items, however, when you return it is more challenging because you have less time and more items. One instance you return to the same scene because the bakery was vandalized and you must pick another wedding cake. This time the items are in different places and you have less time to find everything. The music sounded exactly the same as the first game but it is still pleasant and went well with the theme. I liked both the first and second game, but if you are going to buy one game only since they are so similar, pick the original one. Try it out, have fun with both and make up your own mind.

Features of Dream Day Wedding 2:
-2 Brides to Plan For
-Many Mini Puzzles
-Choose their Paths

Rating: ★★★½☆


Ricochet Lost Worlds Review

Are you a Breakout fan? Well whether you are or not, you are in for a real treat with Mac game Ricochet Lost Worlds. It meets all your brick busting needs and more in a fast action, addictive play. Get ready to have a blast in this fun shooter game. Travel through amazing and varied environments and break all the bricks in each fascinating world.

With fast and upbeat music you can play in Easy, Normal, Hard or Insane Mode making this game fun and enjoyable for everyone. You have a spaceship with a paddle surface at the bottom at the bottom to bounce the ball back up to the targets, blocks and rings. Your goal is to clear all the bricks and collect the golden ring. When you get 35 rings, you will get another ion sphere or life. The stats are listed to the right of the screen giving you the time, score, speed, ion spheres, number of rings and total. There are many different background environments taking you to mysterious locations like the sunken city, Mayan temple and volcanic crust. Alien invaders will move toward you in their own eerie way. There will be many obstacles you will have to figure out how to get around to beat the level. In addition there are a lot of bonuses and power ups with some new items. Not all the goodies floating down will be to your benefit so be careful not to collect everything. Once all the bricks are destroyed, you move on to the next level. You may want to retrieve the gold rings before moving on.

Ricochet Lost Worlds is the sequel to the popular Ricochet Xtreme. The sequel is updated with many new features and the same familiar things to make your arcade game more fun. A Level Editor will allow you to design your own level for even more excitement. Bombs falling, acid balls and more make this fast paced breakout game addictive and awesome. I give it a 4 out of 5. Can’t wait for the next one.

Features of Ricochet Lost Worlds:
-160 Levels
-Golden Rings
-Bonuses and Power Ups
-Different Imaginative Environments

Rating: ★★★★☆


Phantasia Review


The magical forest of Phantasia is under siege by the evil wizard who captured and encapsulated the peaceful nation of dwarves in bubbles in his ominous towers in his dark and dingy castle. Alas, one, lone dwarf managed to escape and find you to assist him in rescuing his fellow citizens. It is up to you to save the lives of these wonderful dwarves and bring them back to the land of Phantasia.

If you should accept the challenge, you will be shooting balls up to where the dwarves are encased. You shoot at 2 or more of the like color balls to pop the bubbles, release the dwarves and catch the gold and silver coins. The coins will Phantasia miniboost your score. The dwarf who found and convinced you to help him will provide you with bubbles on the lower left of the screen. You will see the colors of the balls coming down the conveyor belt so you can strategize your next move. The castle is large and there are many levels to conquer in this game.

The power-ups are the bombs (will destroy the balls around the area you shoot), fireballs will shoot straight up and rid all the balls in its path, one color ball (changes color of one ball), change balls, one row destroyer. In addition to the bonuses, there are stone balls to block your successful rescue. Of course, the bubbles on the game board are continuously descending to prevent you from winning. This action is similar to the Mac game Abundante!

This arcade game is a fun way to spend a few hours in the afternoon with the kids or alone. Keep an eye out for the funny characters popping in and out of the top and bottom of the screen.  The play is easy enough for children and casual gamers, and the story line is amusing. I think the only thing that bothered me was the pleading of the dwarves in the bubble. You feel a little guilty when you do not save them fast enough because you are trying to figure out the best possible way to release the most balls. So shoot away and save the nation of dwarves in the land of Phantasia.

Features of Phantasia:
-Valuable Coins
-30 Unique Levels
-Hall of Fame

Rating: ★★★☆☆


World Mosaic 2 Review

World Mosaic 2 4

The saga of the Sea people continues in Mac game World Mosaic 2. A colleague of Dr Remington (from World Mosaic) somehow breaks a hourglass and in that moment is transported back to a past world of dinosaurs and ancient plants. In order to get back to the present he reads a note left by Dr. Remington in his bag advising him to fix the hourglass in order to return, and to do so he must solve logic puzzles to form mosaic tiles.

The tutorial for this game is very explicit and clear. The logic puzzle’s grids start out as simple 5x5 board and increases in number of boxes and difficulty as the levels go higher. There are numbers at the side and top of the grid. These numbers tell you the pattern of each row and column. Start with the largest numbers to begin your quest. If the row or column is a 5, then each square will be turned over to World Mosaic 2 3display an icon. Going on to the other squares, you must remember that there is always at least one space between the groups of flipped boxes. For instance some rows or columns will have more than one number listed (1,3 or 1,1,1). This will tell you there is at the very minimum 1 space between each group of flipped squares. In the first instance, you will flip the 1st box, skip the next and then flip the next 3 boxes. You can change your cursor by clicking on the shovel to the right to put in the space box. It will mark it with an X. In doing this it makes it easier to figure out the rest of the grid. If you should make a mistake, the square will make a terrible noise and put the correct item in the box. It will also show the number of your mistakes on the right.

If you should get stuck and you earn hints, you can use them to help you along. You can earn a maximum of 4 hints so if you have them, use them.
World Mosaic 2 5
I found World Mosaic 2 just as enjoyable as the first version. If you have never done logic puzzles, this one is non-threatening or frustrating to learn, and you’ll enjoy seeing the tile pictures as you go along. I liked World Mosaic 2 and could see playing it over and over.

Features of World Mosaic 2:
-7 Different Eras
-90 Story Puzzles
-152 Extra Puzzles

Rating: ★★★★☆