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Robin’s Quest: A Legend Born Review

A nice twist to a classic tale about taking from the rich and giving it to the poor is that Robin is a woman this time in Mac game Robin’s Quest: A Legend Born. Robin is a courageous female helping out her neighbors and friends in order to meet the demanding taxes of Prince John. Sadly she and her husband are imprisoned in separate jails. Robin, however, manages to escape and gathers her merry men to help her free her husband, fight the evil and cruel Prince John.

Robin must destroy all the wanted posters of herself so the guards will not recognize her. They will be hidden in many scenes. Be sure to get all 62 of them when the cursor changes to a hand, click on it. You will be completing the goals posted at the top left corner. In many instances you must accomplish many tasks to meet the goals. Unlike other games of this type there are not very many hidden object plays. After completing the HOGs, you will get a few inventory items to use later. After clicking on an object, the word will flip to another item to search.

Along the way there are many people you will come in contact with and most will need your help or need you to do something for them. Others will help you out like Johnny Goodshot who will teach you how to shoot a bow and arrow. This mini game is easy but fun to do. I only needed one arrow and he sent me on my way. You will need this skill later when you need to shoo birds out of the church rafters for the clergy. Other people will be your merry men like Friar Tuck and Little John. Each person will have his own talent you can use. Little John can move heavy items for you. There are a variety of puzzles to get into locked areas, baking a pie, distracting guards and more. Collect the fireflies for extra hints, and check periodically the town bulletin board for announcements and for the archery competition.

Mac game Robin‘s Quest: A Legend Born is a good hidden object/seek and find game with pleasant music and nice graphics. The voice acting is okay but may not win an Oscar. I guess it’s a subjective thing. The puzzles are fun to do and are not frustrating or difficult. The game is fairly short in length and not much of story, but most of the play is fairly easy and makes for a relaxing, enjoyable game. For more of a challenge, play in the advanced mode.

Features of Robin’s Quest: A Legend Born:
-Classic Tale of Robin Hood
-Hidden Objects and Mini Puzzles
-Interact with Characters

Rating: ★★★½☆


Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector’s Edition Review

There’s always an old, scary looking house down the street or road, maybe at the edge of town and everyone believes it’s haunted, and there’s always a buddy who will do anything on a bet. You know that guy, Andrew or Jake. This time it’s Stan Riddle. Unfortunately for poor Stan when he stared into a mirror of his own image, he didn’t see his own eyes peering back. No, the eyes belonged to someone or something more sinister, the Lord of Mirrors. Before he could run out of the manor, he is captured through the mirror, and to make matters worse, the mirror shatters into many pieces. Sound familiar? Well, it does sound like something done before but this Mac hidden object adventure game Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirror Collector’s Edition will take you through the mysterious and deadly mansion for your entertainment.

This game has 1 mode of play and isn’t voiced. It’s a fairly straightforward seek and find adventure with puzzles to solve. You examine 1 location at a time. No going back and forth from area to area looking for objects and clues. You search the location and when you see sparkles, you can play a hidden object game and will be rewarded with an inventory item you will need for another puzzle. In fact, you usually will go back to this same HOG site one more time before you leave the area. There’s nothing wrong with staying in 1 spot but this game will insist on you solving certain puzzles at a time. It will not let you wander around the room clicking on things you know you will need or do other puzzles before you finish with the present one. Sometimes items listed on your tasks cannot be seen until you solve the puzzle the game wants you to finish. This linear play can make things simpler for novices, but for more experienced gamers, this is a bit frustrating. Also the cursor will only change to a magnifying glass to zoom into an area, but it does not change to a hand or navigation arrow since you will not be going to other locations.

After completing an area, you will get to place a broken shard back in the mirror and you will need to clean a different mirror to enter a new location with a new quirky character who will give you advice and if you help him/her, he/she will reward you with a shard of the mirror. You will also learn a little about the manor and its inhabitants.

Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector’s Edition is a solid seek and find hidden object adventure, but it really does not have the bells and whistles we have come to enjoy like voices, movies, multiple locations to wander around in and solving puzzles when you find them or when you collect enough items to use. The artwork is good, HOGs easy and music eerie. I think new players will enjoy this game, but may not be challenging enough for others. I give this game a 3 out of 5. Help a buddy out and rescue him from the Lord of Mirrors.

Features of Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector’s Edition:
-Rescue Stan Riddle from the Lord of Mirrors in 17 Chapters
-Hidden Objects, Mini Puzzles
-Collector’s Edition: Wallpapers, Secret Bonus Level, Walkthrough

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Hell’s Kitchen Review


Gordon Ramsey is famous for many things such as his restaurants, books, TV show, his merciless cuts at his underlings, and now he is known in the Mac game world as the reigning king of culinary arts with Hell’s Kitchen. You can make a career in cooking and develop your own restaurant in this sim time management play and on top of all that get constant gibes from Chef Ramsey. If you have what it takes to run a restaurant and put up with Ramsey’s insults, you will have a pleasant day playing this game.

You begin this game as a dishwasher working in Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant and work yourself up to apprentice, junior cook, cook and senior cook if you survive. If you have seen any of his TV shows you know he will be yelling and Hells Kitchenscreaming at you at every turn. Being called a donkey is softened by him saying he’s a proud man when you are fast and efficient.

The play begins in greeting the customers at the door by clicking the maitre d’s podium, the customers are seated and a click on the table will give them the menus. After taking their order the waiter will process it to the kitchen. You click Hell's Kitchen2on the kitchen arrow and you are now the cook. In this section you need to coordinate the cooking of the different dishes so they finish at the same time. There is another arrow back to the dining room area to serve the people.

If you can take the heat of doing all these things and take the chef’s scorns, you may make a great cook and gamer yet and get access to locked levels and recipes. Gordon Ramsey’s recipes are interesting and sound delicious. This is a definite plus for all the cooks out there. The recipes are broken down as Starter (Appetizers), Main Courses, and Hells Kitchen2Desserts. Pumpkin Risotto with Roasted Mushrooms, Grapefruit and Blood Orange Terrine with Marmalade Ice Cream are 2 recipes available at the beginning of the game. Can you imagine what you will be able to unlock? After opening these locked recipes, you’ll get yourself a full cookbook with 35 recipes.

If you are not a cook and live in the New York City area, you can go to the London Hotel where his restaurant resides and taste some of these delicious dishes for yourself. Have fun getting contemptuous phrases from the famous Gordon Ramsey and play a fast paced sim Mac game and whip up some mouthwatering meals.

Features of Hell’s Kitchen:
-Gordon Ramsey’s Commentary
-In the Kitchen and Dining Rooms
-Unlock 35 Recipes

Rating: ★★★½☆


The Tudors Review

“The Tudors,” a fictional, historic Mac hidden object/seek and find game, is based on the popular TV show of the same title starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII. The game represents the show well with its lies and political intrigue. It begins after the beheading of Anne Boleyn, second wife to the king and marriage to his new wife, Jane Seymour, 10 days later.

The main play is a hidden object game within the castle and other locations in England and Europe. You are Elena Sedgrave, daughter of William Sedgrave, a diplomat to the king. Elena approached by the king after saving a life of Charles Willoughby, a loyal assistant to Thomas Cromwell, is recruited to spy on enemies to protect England and the king. She travels with her father to foreign lands in search of information and clues. She searches monasteries, castles and other locations appropriate to the time period. Not only is she creative and intelligent, she uses disguises to blend in in the rooms she is searching. The many objects you need to find may be placed in your inventory to use to progress your play. There will be times when you need to enter locked doors and you will need to find a key or an object to break the lock. In addition, you may need to go from one room to another and back again to find what you need. You will encounter royalty, religious figures and other spies. You cannot trust anyone.

There are many interesting scenes in this game. However, the indoor scenes are often dark and hard to view the objects, but there is a hint button to help you along. Mini games are throughout this game. One is to find the queen’s jewels thrown out the window. Another is to make potions where you will mix different color potions to create a new color. There are many puzzles to play in between the seek and find plays.

However, the main draw to this game is not the hidden object/seek, and find (although good), mini games or its puzzles, it is the historic and dramatic story of King Henry VIII’s court , its many political enemies, the many conspiracies, assassination attempts and the threats against the king and England. Also a big plus is the characters in the game are the stars from the television show and not the people depicted in art pieces in museums. In other words, Jonathan Rhys Meyer is a lot better looking than King Henry. I definitely recommend this game to try out especially if you are a history buff, a TV fan and a hidden object player. Why is Thomas Cromwell so suspicious and nervous?

Features of The Tudors:
-From the TV Series
-Hidden Objects and Mini Games
-History of King Henry VIII

Rating: ★★★★☆


Farm It Review

When was the last time you played as a young rooster? Maybe a detective, plumber, cat, prince, princess, daughter, son, brother, sister, but a rooster? Well, the world is facing a shortage of chickens and it is up to you to increase the population of these birds in Mac time management game Farm It.

This farm game is not your usual growing flowers or vegetables, fighting pests and drought, but it is you as the youthful rooster getting the hens to lay their eggs for future chickens. Click on a hen and the rooster will either skip rope, swing or share a worm with a hen (euphemism for breeding). You have a goal of how many eggs you need to produce at the top of the screen. It’s not as easy as it seems because as usual you’ll have blocks and obstacles impeding your progress. The hens have different moods, dog will beat you up and the old rooster is not happy with you taking his job. Later in the game you’ll be confronted by a skunk, polecat, fox, traps and puzzles to overcome and solve.

Fortunately for you there will be a lot of bonuses and helps to aid you in your noble quest to populate the world with chickens. The helmet will protect you from your enemies for a few seconds, the worms will make the hens happier and the little blue pill will make the hens lay the eggs faster. Use the exit gates to get away to another area.

You start in Europe and continue on across the world in 3 other locked areas with 2 different seasons to choose from (summer and winter). There’s a lot to do and it does get challenging after only a few levels. The instructions are given as you go along in your journey. The artwork is a cute cartoon form with a hoedown-like, upbeat music. The game gets repetitive and may not keep your interest for that long however. It actually would be ideal for kids if not for the mating ritual. If you’ve already had the “talk” with your child, then it should be okay, but it’s up to you to decide. I give it a 2.5 out 5.

Features of Farm It:
-Original Time Management Game
-Cute Artwork and Fun Music
-2 Seasons

Rating: ★★½☆☆